The programs at Gabriella Centre are specially designed to meet the needs of our children and their families.


Intensive Therapeutic Intervention

This programme targets children and youth with cognitive and physical disabilities with their parents/caregivers. It provides access to our multidisciplinary team which focuses on assessment and training of caregivers on how best they can continue with therapy at home. The programme can last from one intensive week to three months. Private sessions can be provided on request.

Transitional and Integrated School/Training Programme

During the week days from Monday to Friday the school programme teaches both children with and without disabilities of different ages.

Program includes:

  • Montessori Kindergarten
    Gabriella uses a multisensory approach including the Montessori education method, which is viewing the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Providing effective education to students with and without learning disabilities.​

    Read more about the Montessori Education by clicking here.


  • Special Needs Class
    We offer school program for children who cannot fit in a regular classes due to their learning needs. Gabriella continues to study new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement for children with special needs in education. We evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements.


  • Special Class for Children with Autism
    Gabriella centre has a special focus on children with Autism. By understanding their needs, Gabriella centre, provides classes with special needs teachers and therapists including use of technology designed to meet individual challenges. 

    We provide unique ways for children with autism to be able to utilize their skills and talents of which most of the time are not understood.

Vocational & Skills Training

This program is designed for children and youth with disabilities, and those who come from a marginalized environment. It teaches individuals different vocational and life skills. The caregiver and the child works with our team to set joint goals, and works towards reaching these goals in periods of  three months, involving the caregiver during the first and last week. The participants are cared for by the Gabriella Centre for short time including working with their families to ensure that upon graduation they start an income generation  project to support them.

As part of integration Our team extends the services by working  closely with regular schools in the community to ensure children with disability are given the opportunity to develop their skill and talents through creating an inclusive learning environment.

Accomplish one or more of these tasks:


  1. Livestock keeping and caring for  goats, chicken and rabbits.

  2. Vegetable gardening and organic farming

  3. Tree nursery gardening mostly involving fruit trees

  4. Cooking foods and bites such as popcorn and ground nuts.

  5. Tailoring which focuses on making tourist attractive products such as bags, hair bands, book covers etc.

  6. Carpentry focuses on making therapeutic equipment such as special seats, tables, walking aids which are sold to children with disability.

  7. Hand crafts; this includes using maasai beads, banana leaves to make different things like bracelets, ear rings, neck laces, and picture frames etc.

  8. Drama, dancing and drumming; this focuses on understanding talents as well as building their confidence and raising awareness.

  9. Fashion show; this also aims to building confidence as well as talents on decent fashion shows.

Outreach and Home Visit

Therapist and teachers do conduct visits in the community to empower families and communities to realize their roles in supporting people with disabilities through conducting community awareness meetings and education sessions. The Centre works with other organization to allocate needed resources for people with disability.

Support Groups: Parenting Workshops

Our parenting workshops provide a great opportunity to learn important life skills in a relaxed and supportive environment. Workshops are offered throughout the year, please contact us for new dates. 

Food Skills for Families

Healthy cooking program that teaches healthy eating and cooking. The program will strengthen your cooking confidence and skills while giving you the food knowledge necessary to make a sound meal, snack and beverage for your child.

ADHD Coaches

ADHD coaches help children and their parents to understand their unique strengths and show them how to use those strengths to reach their goals.

Sibling Support Group

A support group for boys and girls who have a sibling and/or another family member with a disability, we conduct them to support one another while engaging in fun, interactive activities, and outings.